Stanford University; Palo Alto, Ca.
Doctor of Philosophy, School of Education (Physical Education/Physical Therapy), 1974
Certificate in Physical Therapy, 1968
California State University, Hayward; Hayward, Ca.
Masters of Science, Physical Education, 1970
Bachelor of Science, Physical Education, 1967
Fresno City College; Fresno, Ca.
Associate of Arts, 1965

Professional Experience

Director, Athercare Fitness & Rehabilitation, Pleasanton, California 2006-present
Director, Graduate Program in Athletic Training 2003-present

   Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions
Director, Athletic Training & Rehabilitation 2001-2003
   Stanford University
Ohlone College, Division of Health Sciences 2003-present
   Adjunct Faculty, Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Rocky Mountain University, 1999-present
   Adjunct Faculty in Sports Physical Therapy
Executive Council C.S.C.S., Certification Agency of the National Strength Coaches
Association 1992-Present

   Chairman, 1999-2002
California State Board of Physical Therapy 1998-2006
   Political Appointee, Governor Pete Wilson, Governor Gray Davis
California Council of for Interior Design Certification 2000-2006
   Public Member, President 2003-2006
Ohlone College, Division of Health Sciences 1997-2001
   Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director, Professor; Adjunct Faculty 2003 - present
Ather Sports Injury Clinic, Inc., Castro Valley, California 1976-1997
   Owner and Director, 1976-1997
National Strength & Conditioning Association, Colorado Springs 1994-1999
   President, Member Board of Directors
   Associate Editor, Strength and Conditioning Journal, 1987-present
   Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Sports Science Research, 1987-present
California State University, Hayward 1969-1992
   Department of Kinesiology & Physical Education, Professor Emeritus
Hayward Education Foundation, 1992-1995
   Member, Board of Directors
National Athletic Trainers Association 1978-1982
   Member, Board of Directors
National Athletic Trainers Association, 1975-77
   President, District 8 of the NATA

Professional Certifications/Licensure

- Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization (ASTYM) 2000-present
- Erchonia Low Level Laser Therapy 2000-present
- Speed, Agility & Conditioning (SAC) Certification 2001-present
- Level I, USA Track & Field Coaching Certification 1999-present (#002582)
- Senior Fitness Instructor, CSU, Fullerton 1998-present
- State of California, Licensed Physical Therapist, 1969 - present (#PT591)
- National Athletic Trainers Association, NATA Certified Athletic Trainer 1970-present (#D8-102)
- National Strength & Conditioning Association, CSCS 1985-present (#911785)
- National Strength & Conditioning Association, NSCA Personal Trainer 1993-present
- Advisory Staff, United States Professional Tennis Registry (USPTR) (#28236)

Consultant Work

- CSCS Job Survey Task Force, NSCA Certification Commisssion, 2007
- NSCA Liaison to Joint Commission on Sports Medicine: Concussion Injuries 2004 - present
- NSCA Past-Presidents Committee, National Strength and Conditioning Association 2006
- US Olympic Trials in Track & Field, Sacramento, CA July 2004
- NSCA Certification Commission, Nominating Committee, Member, March 2003
- Singapore Fitness Professionals Federation (SFPF) May-2003 - present
- Athletic Trainer, US Synchronized Olympic Swim Team, Athens, Greece Aug. 04
- Athletic Trainer, U.S.Synchronized Swimming, Pan-Am Games, Dominican Republic, Aug. 03
- Athletic Trainer, U.S. Synchronized Swimming, World Championships, Barcelona, Spain,
- Athletic Trainer, U.S. Synchronized Swimming, Rome Open, Rome Italy, June 2003
- Athletic Trainer U.S. Synchronized Swimming, World Championships Fukioka, Japan,
July, 2001
- Faculty, United States Sports Academy December 5, 2000
- Volunteer, Athletic Training, USATF Olympic Trials, Sacramento, July, 2000
- United States Olympic Bobsled Federation, 2000 - present
- United States Olympic Synchronized Swimming, 2000
- Volunteer Athletic Trainer, USOC San Diego, July, 1999
- Santa Clara Swim Club 1994-present
- United States National Team, Synchronized Swimming, FINA World Cup, 1997
- United States Olympic Synchronized Swim Team, 1996 Gold Medal Team
- Strength and Conditioning Consultant, U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program for 1996
- Member, Chabot College Program Review Committee, 1996
- Acceleration Products, Inc., Fargo, North Dakota, 1996
- NATA (National Athletic Trainers Association) Educational Task Force, 1995
- United States Olympic Team in Synchronized Swimming for 1996
- Theraphysics California State Professional Practice Board (SPPB) for the HEALTHSOUTH
- Santa Clara Aqua-Maids, National Champions Synchronized Swimming 1994-present
- United States Tennis Association, National Team Camps 1990-present
- United States Olympic Track and Field, Men & Women’s, 1970-Present
- Chicago Bulls, National Basketball Association 1993
- Golden State Warriors, National Basketball Association, 1987-1990
- United States Under-23 Soccer Team, United States Soccer Federation 1990
- Joanie Greggains, “The Greggain’s Plan” Video Tape, 1988
- Joanie Greggains, “One-on-One” Video Tape, 1987
- Physician and Sports Medicine Journal Reviewer, 1987
- Joanie Greggain’s Morning Stretch T.V. Program 1986
- Shape Up Magazine Reviewer, 1986
- Pros for Kids, 1986
- U.S.O.C. Colorado Springs Elite Vertical Jump Camp, 1986
- U.S. Department of Defense, Fitness Instrument Development, 1986
- President’s Council on Physical Fitness in Sports, 1986
- Milwaukee Bucks, National Basketball Association, 1986
- Detroit Lions, National Football League, 1984
- Olympic games, Soccer & Track & field Athletic trainer, 1984
- St. John’s University Basketball, Division 1, 1983
- Arizona State University Football, Division 1, 1980-1983
- Chicago White Sox, American Baseball League, 1980
- Oakland “Stompers”, N.A.S.L. Soccer, 1978
- Saudi Arabian Government - curriculum and implementation of a Sports Medicine Institute,
- United States Olympic Development Camp, Women’s High Jump Coach, 1975
- United States Olympic Trials for Track and Field, Medical Staff, 1972

National and Local Organization Affiliations

- Nominee, Treasurer of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, 2006
- Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, Finance Committee Member, 2003
- The International Federation of Sports Medicine, 2000
- USOC Sports Medicine Society, Colorado Springs, 2000
- National Strength and Conditioning Association, Colorado Springs 83-present
- United States Tennis Association, Key Biscayne, Florida 1990-97
- Bay Area Local Council of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 1993
- National Athletic Trainers Association, Dallas, Texas 1969-present
- National Weightlifting Federation, Colorado Springs, Colorado
- Cal State University Hayward, Preprofessional Advisory Committee, Member, 1980-92
- American College of Sports Medicine, Member 1986-present
- American Physical Therapy Association, Member 1969-present
- American Physical Therapy Association, Sports Medicine Section; Member
- National Advisory Council for the Friends for Life, Workout with the Stars, 1989
- IDEA Foundation Advisory Committee, Member, 1989
- National Fitness Leaders Association, Public Relations, 1988
- California Athletic Trainers Association Licensure Committee, 1987
- United States Jaycees Fitness Leaders Association, Member, 1987
- Campbell’s Fitness Advisory Board, Member, 1986-87
- Hayward Unified School District Attendance Review Board, 1983-84
- Cal State University, Hayward, Committee on Academic Planning and Preparation,
member, 1983
- Fitness and Sports Injury Advisory Committee, Fremont-Newark Regional Occupational
Program, 1983
- Triangle Band Co. Fitness Research and Development Committee, Member, 1980-83
- American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Member, 1976-77
- North American Academy of Manipulation Therapy
- American College of Sports Medicine
- Stanford Alumni Association, Lifetime Member

Awards and Honors

- Fellow, National Strength and Conditioning Association (FNSCA) 2007
- 2005 International Exemplary Leadership Award (Recognizing the ability to advance
academic and administrative leadership), presented by The Chair Academy
- Nominee, Lifetime Achievement Award, NSCA, July 2004, 2005
- USA Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Hall of Fame, June 2003
- NSCA, Rehabilitation & Conditioning Specialist of the Year, July 2001
- National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), Hall of Fame Inductee, June 2001
- Awarded NSCA President’s Award for Distinguished Service -2000
- Dr. Ernst Jokl Sports Medicine Award, presented by the Board of Trustees of the United
States Sports Academy 1998
- NATA, District 8 Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer, 1996
- NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award, 1995
- Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Bay Area Local Council, 1995
- The International Kids’ Fitness Alliance, Honorary Member, 1993
- NSCA, President’s Award for Contributions to the NSCA Journal, 1993
- Health and Fitness Institute Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Services and
Excellence in Fitness Interaction, 1993
- Healthy American Fitness Leaders Awards, Judge, 1993
- Most Appreciated CEO, Hayward Education Fund, Top Fund-raiser, 1993, 1992
- NSCA Awards Reception, Master of Ceremonies, 1992
- Strength and Conditioning Professional of the Year; Nominee and Finalist, 1991
- Official Goodwill Ambassador; 1990 Goodwill Games, Seattle, WA, 1990
- Valley Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship, Judge, 1988
- Far Western Conference Track and Field Coach of the Year, 1978
- NCAA Div. II National Championships in Track and Field, Games Committee Member, 1977

Continuing Education

- APTA Self- Study Report Workshop, Combined Sections of the APTA, New Orleans, 2005
- Pre-Diabetes Management, Oakland, CA 2005
- Health to Acupuncture Points, Portland, September 13-14, 2003, OR Me
- Brian Mulligans’ Concept Seminar, Burlingame, CA, January 29, 2003
- Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, April 20-23, 2001
- Functional Orthopedics I, The Institute of Physical Art, Newark, CA, March 15-18, 2001
- Pilate’s method of Body Conditioning for Physical Therapists, San Francisco February, 2000
- Credentialed Clinical Instructor, APTA, Las Vegas, NV 1998
- Faculty Leadership Seminar, San Diego, February 1998
- Sr. Fitness Instructor Certificate, CSU, Fullerton, Fullerton, CA. February 1998
- Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science, Las Vegas, NV, February 1998
- Mid-American Sports Medicine Symposium, March 20, 1997
- 2nd Annual Frappier Acceleration Facility Conference, January 17, 1997
- NeuroCom’s Balance Master Systems, Clinical Integration Seminar, September 13-15, 1996
- American Society of Association Executives, CEO Symposium; April 24, -25, 1995
- Far West Athletic Trainers Association, Seminar and Workshops; April 22-24, 1994
- Ergonomic Analysis of the Work Place; July 31-August 3, 1992
- John F. Barnes: Myofascial Release II, Seminar and Workshops; May 26, 1991
- John F. Barnes: Myofascial Movement Facilitation, Seminar and Workshops; May 22, 1991
- John F. Barnes: Myofascial Release I, Seminar and Workshops; May 19, 1991
- Eccentric Muscle Action: A New Dimension in Exercise and Rehabilitation; Nov. 21, 1989
- Aggressive Non-Surgical Rehabilitation of Lumbar Spine and Sports Injury;
March 23-25, 1989

From 1990 - present. Published over 75 articles prior to 1990.

Books and Articles:

- Trunk and Hip Control Neuromuscular Training for the Prevention of Knee Joint Injury, Clinics
in Sports Medicine 2008, Myer, Greg, Chu, DA, Brent, J and Hewett, T., Elsevier Press
- Progressive Plyometrics for Kids, Coaches Choice Publishing 2006
- Salonia, M.A., Chu, D.A., Cheifetz, P.M. and Freidhoff, G. C., Upper-Body Power as
Measured by Medicine-Ball Throw Distance and its Relationship to Class Level Among
10- and 11- Year Old Female Participants in Club Gymnastics
, Journal of Strength and
Conditioning Research, 2004 18 (4), 695-702
- ITF Strength & Conditioning for Tennis, Power Training, International Tennis Federation,
May 2003
- Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball, 2nd Edition, Bittersweet Publishing, 2003
- ACSM Position Paper, Plyometric Training for Children and Adolescents, Dec. 2001
- High Performance Conditioning, Power Development, Human Kinetics, July 2001
- Plyometrics in Knee Rehabilitation, Knee Ligament Rehabilitation, 2nd Ed.,
Churchill-Livingstone, July 2000
- Plyometric Training in Youth, Faster, Higher, Stronger: Sport Scotland, December, 1999
- Plyometrics, Chapter in the Essentials of Strength and Conditioning, 2nd Edition, June 2000
- Athletic Training Issues in Synchronized Swimming, Clinics in Sports Medicine, April 1999
- Proprioceptive and Motor Control Enhancement in ACL Rehab, Advance, March. 1999
- Plyometrics in Sports Injury Rehabilitation Training, Athletic Therapy Today, February. 1999
- Improving Speed and Footwork in Tennis, ITF Coaches Review, December 1997
- Tennis Specific Shoulder and Trunk Strength Training, Strength & Conditioning, June 1997
- Circuit Training for the Tennis Player, USTA Sports Science Bulletin, Summer 97
- Abdominal Muscle Pulls in Tennis Players, USTA Sports Science Bulletin, Summer 96
- Explosive Power & Strength, Human Kinetics, 1996
- “Nifty Drills for Nifty Feet”, International Tennis Federation, Coaches Review, January 1996
- Plyo-Play, Ather Publishing, January 1996
- Eccentric Strength in Tennis, USTA Sports Science Bulletin, Fall, 1995
- “Rehabilitation of the Lower Extremity”, Clinics in Sports Medicine: Racquet Sports, Vol. 14,
No. 1, Jan. 95
- Power Tennis Training, Human Kinetics, 1995
- “Strength Exercises Specific to Gymnastics: A Case Study”, Journal of S & C Research, 1994,
8(2), 95-100

- “Advanced Shoulder Strengthening Exercises” Sport Science for Tennis, Fall, 1994
- “10 Trunk Strengthening Exercises to Help Your Tennis”; Sport Science for Tennis,
Spring, 1994
- “Talent Identification in Tennis: Fact or Fiction?” Sports Science for Tennis; Summer, 1993
- “The 30-Minute Workout”; Coaching Excellence, Winter, 1993
- Everybody’s Aerobic Fitness Guide, Co-author Dory Krypton, 1983
- Plyometric Exercises with the Medicine Ball, Bittersweet Publishing, 1992
- Jumping Into Plyometrics, Human Kinetics Publishing, 1993
- “Sprinting Stride Actions: Analysis and Evaluations”; NSCA Journal Vol. 11, No. 6; 1989.
Co-author Remy Korchemny Ph.D.
- “Improve Tennis Fitness with a Medicine Ball Workout”; Sport Science for Tennis, Fall 1991.
- Personal Trainer Manual; American Council on Exercise, Contributing author and associate
- Coaching Volleyball; Contributing author, 1990.

Speaking Engagements
From 1995 - present. Over 160 Speaking Engagements prior to 1995.

- “Developing Power in Today’s Tennis Player” Pre-Wimbleton Tennis Conference, London,
England June, 2008
- “Scapular Stabilization in the Overhead Athlete” Pre-Wimbleton Tennis Conference, London,
England June , 2008
- “Light v. Heavy Resistance in Developing Power”, Perform Better Conference,
Povidence, RI May 2008
- “Automatic Therapeutic Movement Concepts” Korean Physical Therapy Association,
Seoul, Korea, 2008 May
- “Efficacy of the Low Level Laser in Physical Therapy”, San Diego, CA January 2007
- “Plyometric Training for Youth”, Seminar University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, August 2006
- “Progressive Plyometrics for Kids”, Pre-Con Symposium NSCA National Conference,
Washington DC, July 2006
- “Performance and Rehabilitation in Sports Medicine”, 15th Annual Magic City Sports
Medicine Conference, Billings, MT May, 2006
- “Plyometric Training, an 8 hr. Seminar”, Northern California Sports Medicine Section,
Sacramento, CA April 2006
- “The Knee, Landing Strategies”, NSCA National Convention, Las Vegas, NV July, 2005
- “Upper Extremity Plyometrics”, Northeast Seminars, Derry, NH October 2005
- “Upper Extremity Rehab for Athletic Populations, NSCA State Covention, Chico, CA
June, 2005
- The Knee from Rehabilitaiton to Performance”, Far Western Athletic Trainers Assoc.,
Sacramento, CA April, 2005
- “Upper extremnity Rehab & Plyometrics”, 25th Annual Kaiser Permanente Orthopedic
Fellowship Program, Oakland, CA April, 2005
- “Cardiovascular Training”, 92nd Street “Y”, New York, March 2004
- “Clinical Applications of the Low Level Laser”, Combined Sections of the APTA, March 2004
- “Automatic Therapeutic Movements”, Back Projects National Tour, 2004
- “Technological Advances in Physical Therapy”, Erchonia Medical, National Tour 2003-04
- “Strength & Conditioning for the Wellness Clinic, Louisiana PT Assoc, Lafayette, LA, Mar –03
- “Triple Jump/High Jump”, West Coast Track & Field Clinic, Reno, NV February 2003
- “Strength & Conditioning for Synchro” Santa Clara Aquamaids Camp, July 2003
- “Cervical Stretch Injury/Rehabilitation”, Red River Sports Med Symposium, Fargo, ND
June 7, 02
- “Plyometrics: Progression to Rehab”, FWATA, Oakland, CA, April 26, 2002
- “Performance Enhancement” National Junior Clinic, Stanford University, November, 2001
- “Plyometric Training in Orthopedic Rehabilitation” LPTA, New Orleans, September 2001
- “Strength & Conditioning for Synchro” Santa Clara Aquamaids Camp, August 2001
- “Shoulder Rehabilitation & Plyometric Training”, Northern California All-Sports Clinic,
Jan. 2001
- “High Jump Technique & Speed Development”, Southern California All-Sorts Clinic Jan. 2001
- GMC-Envoy Track Meet, Youth Training Camp, July 2000
- NSCA Caribbean Clinic, “Plyometrics & Speed Development”, November 11-12,2000
- Fit for Power; “Complex Training”, November 4-5, 2000
- San Jose District, APTA “Plyometric Training”, October 24, 2000
- Sport Scotland Conference, “Program Development for Plyometric Training”, October 2000
- NSCA CSCS Symposia, “Speed Development & Plyometric Training”, June 2000
- 7th Red River Valley Sports Medicine Institute, “Paltello-Femoral Joint Rehabilitation”
June 2000
- International Strength & Conditioning Conference, “Complex Training”, and “Pilates”,
January 2000
- Northeast District, California Chapter APTA, “Plyometric Training Seminar”, November 1999
- Advanced Plyometric and Power Training Techniques Symposium, “Explosive Power”,
October 1999
- Youth Strength Summit, “Training the Female Athlete”, July, 1999
- NSCA Essentials Symposium, “Speed Development & Plyometric Training”, June 1999
- ACSM Conference, “Shoulder Rehabilitation”, June 1999
- Performance Training Series, “Explosive Power and Strength”, November 1998
- Peak Performance Symposium at Slippery Rock College, “Explosive Training” October 1998
- Arizona Physical Therapy Association, “Wellness and Physical Therapy”, October 1998
- Ola Grimsby, 7th Annual Competency Forum, “Neurophysiological Basis of Plyometric
Training” July 1998
- NSCA National Conference, “Torso Strengthening and Stabilization”, June 1998
- Grey Cup Legacy Coaching, “Volleyball Conditioning”, June 1998
- Sports Performance Testing Seminar, Ohlone College Seminar, April 1998
- Mid-America Athletic Trainers Conference, Keynote Speaker: “The role of the Athletic Trainer
in Relationship to the Strength & Conditioning Specialist”, March, 1999
- CAHPERD Conference, “Plyometrics”, March 1999
- 4th Annual Frappier Acceleration Facility Conference, “Retro-grade Treadmill”, January 1999
- International Conference on Sports Medicine and Tennis,” Performance Enhancement for
Competitive Seniors”, March 1998
- 1998 International Conference, Keynote Speaker, January 1998
- International Tennis Federation, “Conditioning for Tennis”, November, 1997
- National Coaches Clinic, “High Jump Technique”, July 1997
- National Sports Center, “Learn-by-Doing” Clinic: HJ/TJ/LJ October 1997
- USTA Girl’s 18 National Championships, Keynote Speaker: Motivating Youth, July 1997
- NSCA National Convention, Pre-Conf. Wkshop, “Conditioning for Tennis”, June 1997
- NSCA National Convention, “Speed Development & Plyometrics” Essentials Symposium,
June 97
- Contra Costa Spring League, Annual Awards Luncheon, “Keynote Speaker”, June 1997
- Community Hospital of Los Gatos, Spts. med. Section, “Plyometrics”, April 1997
- USPTR So-Cal Mini-Symposium on Tennis, “Conditioning to Improve Serve Velocity”,
March, 1997
- Mid-American Sports Medicine Symposium, “Muscle Re-Education”, March 1997
- California Athletic Trainers Association Meeting, “Closed Kinetic Chain Exercise”, March 1997
- Nike Mobil Track and Field Clinic, “The High Jump”, February 1997
- American Sports Medicine Institute, “Conditioning Techniques for the Pitcher”, and “Training
for the Trunk”, February 1997
- National Coaches Clinic, Training for Jumpers”, January, 1997
- NSCA Certification Symposium, “Orthopedic Concerns in Exercise” and “ Theories, Concepts
and Methodology of Speed Development”, December 1996
- Florida Health Show, “Osteoarthritis and How to Deal With It”, November, 1996
- Shiner Performance Center, “Functional Progression and Explosive Power”, November, 1996
- Hawaii Tennis Association, “Junior Development”, October 1996
- USPTR International Tennis Symposium, “Athleticism in Tennis” 1996
- United States Synchronized Swimming Training Camp, “Conditioning for Synchro”,
November, 1996
- Club Reebok, “Explosive Strength & Power”, New York, NY, November 1996
- The Florida Health Show, “Dealing with Inflammation”, Orlando, Florida, October, 1996
- Hayward Rotary Club, “The Olympic Experience”, Hayward, CA, October 1996
- Hawaii Tennis Association, “On-Court Footwork Drills for Tennis”, Kona, Hawaii,
October, 1996
- Acalanes High School Sports Medicine Clinic, “Strength Training for Synchronized
Swimming”, September 1996.
- Montana State Coaches Association, “Plyometrics and other subjects”, August, 1996
- NATA National Convention, “How To Deal With Muscle Imbalance”, Orlando, Florida,
June, 1996
- Tennis Canada, Level 4-5 Coaches Clinic: Analysis of On-Court Movement, Toronto, Canada
April 1996.
- Shiner Sports Performance Series, “Power Tennis Training”, Syracuse, New York,
March 1996.
- Northern California All-Sports Clinic, “Technique and Training for the High, Long, and Triple
Jumps”, “Plyometric Training for Volleyball”, Burlingame, CA, Feb. 1996
- Athletic Therapy Today Conference, Orlando, Florida, January 18-20, 1996
- “Preparing for the CSCS Examination”, Panelist: Athletic Therapy Today & Tomorrow:
Perspectives on the Future, “Clinical Education in the 21st Century”.

(While at CSU,Hayward as an assistant to the Track & Field program, in just the HJ, LJ and TJ; coached 45 All-Americans, 17 National Champions and representatives at every level of competetion for the USA. Including Jr. National Team and National Teams as well as Olympians (1988 Colleen Rienstra Women’s World Indoor Record Holder in the High Jump). After retiring from active coaching at the collegiate level I continued to coach high schoolers on a consultant level such as Derrick Mitchell TJ (Mt. Eden state meet runner-up, competed at Fresno State) and Julie Jenkins HJ (San Ramon HS and state meet runner-up, competed at Boise State). Currently advising in the training of Kyle Alston (Roosevelt HS, Fresno) currently cometing as a sophomore (10.59: 100M, 22-5 LJ).)

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