Dr. Chu in Warriors locker room
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Dr. Chu has developed an extensive reputation in the field of sports rehabilitation and in the areas of fitness and conditioning. He has been credited with bringing "Plyometric Training" to the attention of the athletic world through his application of theoretical knowledge into practical demonstrations. Dr. Chu has published six books, (including "Jumping into Plyometrics", now in its 2nd edition), written articles in referred journals and contributed chapters in many other books. His lectures on Plyometrics and other topics in Sports Medicine have been heard throughout virtually every state and many foreign countries over the past decade.
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Dr. Donald Chu at the Legends Summit - May 2017
Here are some highlights from the Legends Summit held in Garden City, NY at the Professional PT and Professional Performance Center on May 20-21, 2017. The presenter list included Al Vermeil, Al Miller, Johnny Parker, Donald Chu and Derek M. Hansen. Lots of great people in attendance making it one of the best events I've been involved with in my career.
Music: 'Playground Pigeon' by Broke for Free
Announcing that Dr. Donald Chu is NOW Certified
in the Neil-Asher Techniques for the
Treatment of Frozen Shoulder!
Nutrition The Right Way - Dorie Krepton
  Kenny Bayless photo   Kenny Bayless, boxing referee from Las Vegas, Nevada, manages the De La Hoya - Mayweather fight.

Ken is a former Cal-State, Hayward track athlete who was trained by Don Chu. Kenny has since sent his sons James and Ryan to work with Athercare for their performance enhancement training.
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Diego Lazares - Athlete of the Week
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Andre Ward
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Andre Ward after TKO
victory September 2012.
Don & Andre Ward photo
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Don and Andre Ward
with his WBA Title belt.


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